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Buses and Carpools

Every year pro-life groups organize transportation from around the state to come to the Texas Rally for Life. Last year there were more than 20.

If you or your organization is coordinating buses or carpools, email us and we will post the information on this page. Check back for updated information on carpooling and transportation.

For information on how to charter a bus, try the search term “charter a bus” in Google. The cost is usually $10-$35 per person depending on the distance.

Buses can park in the bus parking along are on Trinity St. from 12th – 15th St and also on San Jacinto Blvd. from 14th-13th which is a bus idle area. M-F buses require parking permits, however, they are not needed on the weekend, so if you get any questions on permits, you’ll know the answer.

There is a UT Basketball game at the Erwin Center at 1:00 PM. With this, traffic may be heavier than normal.

For further information on parking as well as a printable map, visit the parking page!